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Gotta Catch ’em All!! (again)

All together, so far, there are 720 Pokemon. I have caught them all. The 720 includes different evolutionary levels on Pokemon. So, you take a Charmander and level him up. Along the way he will become Charmeleon and then eventually Charizard. Ostensibly, one creature as counted as being 3. Consequently, you could “Catch ’em All” but be left with something like 300 or 400 Pokemon when you were done, assuming you only had one of each evolutionary path. Owing to this fact and considering that once you’ve done the task of catching them all, you don’t want to lose the metaphorical merit badge. So, I went back and made sure I one of every instance of Pokemon. This also has the benefit that when it’s time to make some new Pokemon, I just pull from storage and breed up a new one for the new use I’ve determined. Easy as Pokemon pie.


There is one problem I have found. There are some game mechanics that determine the potency of your Pokemon. Not going to dive into that Rabbit hole here, but you can have two Pikachu on the same level and one will be faster or stronger than the other. The problem is, I didn’t understand any of how that worked when I made my collection. As I started this Pokemon endeavor in HeartGold, Hidden Abilities weren’t yet a thing either. Pokemon with Hidden Abilities can breed Pokemon without them, but Pokemon without them will not breed one with. So, my mission is now to catch ’em all again. This time putting in the extra effort to have them as optimal as possible.


Better Pokemon Eugenics equals better Pokemon cock fighting.

The first time I collect them while  playing.. curious how long it will take to go back through all this, just collecting.

the New Nintendo 3DS

I have to say, Nintendo is way better than George Lucas at getting to repurchase their content. An upgrade to the 3DS Handheld came out a few months ago called the New Nintendo 3DS. When Pokemon celebrated it’s 20 year anniversary in February, Nintendo commemorated the event with a special Pokemon themed New 3DS and it looks legit.

The Nintendo 3DS features the ability to download classic titles from the original 8-bit Nintendo and the original Gameboy. The New Nintendo 3DS expands this to include the Super Nintendo Catalog. So, far already released for the virtual console are games like: Super Mario World, Super Metroid, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Earthbound. More will be coming.


I’m hoping that some of those golden era RPGs are released here like Final Fantasy VI, Secret of Mana, and Chronotrigger. Maybe even finally get an official english port of Secret of Mana 2. However, more than any other I’d like to Super Mario RPG. Some years ago I kicked off into modding my PSP with the goal of getting that working. However, I could never get it to run full speed. I’ve always assumed that there was some sort graphic accelerating chip in the SNES cart which taxed the PSP too much when it tried to emulate it. The dream of playing that game on a portable device could be soon realized.

While I want this so bad, I may wait. There is an XL version of the New 3DS, meaning a bigger screen, but it only comes in Red and Black. I might wait until some Special Edition cases come out. Here check out Nintendo’s site about this.

Just a closing though, Super 3DS could possibly have been a better name than  New Nintendo 3DS.

Happy 20th Anniversary Pokémon!!!


Pokemon 20th Anniversary

If you have somehow missed out, here is the run down. A Pokémon is literally a Pocket Monster. They are elemental beasts that are pitted in cockfighting matches for sport and prestige. Sounds sinister, right? But that’s why it’s done in a super cute art style and without the obligatory gore one might expect. The game of Pokémon follows the path of person wanting to be the best trainer in the world. Your character travels around to regional gyms the way a boxer might progress through a championship circuit and you help villagers along the way with whatever obscure tasks that have been written into the story. With the team you’ve built you can battle your friends who also play, which when this first came out was a feature I wish so many other games I played had.

Pokémon didn’t make it to North America until 1998. I remember my best friend convincing me to go with him to the mall to pick up Pokémon. I actually didn’t know anything about the game at the time. The TV show wasn’t even on the air here yet. But, he had referred several other of my favorite games so I got on board. This game certainly plays better when you have friends to play with. The notion of battling a friend without being on the same screen or cartridge was neat. Trading Pokémon was something new also. You cannot catch them all on  your own. The games come out in pairs. One game will be missing  a set Pokémon and the other is missing a different set of Pokémon. Sometimes you’ll have a group of three of which you can only choose one. You have to team up. Genius move by the developers, making your players have to rely on and recruit other players. This develops a community.


You Gotta Catch ‘Em All! You just got to. I have. Many don’t. It is an undertaking to do legitimately. In each generation of the game there are several end-boss type Pokémon that are difficult to capture. There is also at least one Pokémon every generation that can only be obtained through special limited distribution events. Once they’re gone you have to hope that Nintendo will give it away again. Collecting these Pokémon is annoying. Luckily for the rest of you, Nintendo is celebrating the 20th Anniversary by redistributing one of these every month for the rest of the year. This months is Mew.


Mythical Pokemon Mew

If the Swiss Army had a Pokémon, it’d be Mew. His stats are balanced and he can learn any move you can teach a Pokémon. However, since there is such a wide selection of moves he can learn, I’m  not sure how I want to train mine yet.

The lost frontier

dw2nesWith the way games have changed, I wish I could go back and play Dragon Warrior 2 again for the first time. This game came to me in a time when I was just falling in love with the JRPG style or Medieval fantasy in general. Unlike other games in this genre, any Final Fantasy for instance, Dragon Warrior 2 is a direct sequel of the previous game in the franchise. The heroes of this game are descendants of the hero in the original Dragon Warrior. And, the game world has expanded world as you can now travel by boat through distant lands not available in the first. In fact, the quest begins in a distant land and later stumbling into lands of the original game blew my mind. A few generations have passed so places have changed a little, and descendants of notable characters can be encountered. This adds so much immersion and makes the world more real. I wish more games did this.

Super Mario 3 Strategy GuideAnother factor makes this game stand out for me. There were no guides, meaning when this game got me frustrated, I could either try again or go outside to play. In the same situation these day I would give in and look up how it’s done online. Back in 1992 when I was first playing this, I neither had internet access  nor did I yet know that the internet could be a resource for video game knowledge. The Strategy Guides industry hadn’t really got going yet. Just a few existed for those hot titles. Dragon Warrior 2 wasn’t nearly popular enough to have that kind of coverage. In fact, all I ever found was a one page article in Nintendo Power essentially advertising the existence of the game. Also, noting the obscurity of this game, I couldn’t even turn to my friends for hints when I was stuck, because they hadn’t played it yet. My only recourse was to keep trying until I made it. The difficulty and frustration only contributed to this amazing sense of exhilaration when I finally beat this game. Not many games made me feel so victorious in completing them.

With the way things are now, I don’t know if it’s even possible to have this kind of experience again. My hope is for a game that changes enough from one play through to the next that making a comprehensive guide would be impossible. Probably impossible to make a game that fluid. Or, I guess I could just pull together the discipline to not look up guides..

Apparently, this game is now available to play on Android devices. Under the Japanese name, Dragon Quest II. This will have to be a thing.

A Pokemon Christmas

I’ve been playing Pokemon for a few years now. This has taken me through several chapters of the game. If you’ve never played it, each release of the game takes place in a different region of the Pokemon world. Through your journey you fight Gym Leaders and then earn badges to mark your completion. So, for Christmas my girlfriend acquired these  Pins that resemble the badges from my favorite entry in the series: Pokemon HeartGold.

Pokemon Badges for Christmas

Pokemon Badges for Christmas

Little did she know, I had a Pokemon gift for her too.  Pokemon games tend to come in pairs and her gift was the companion game, SoulSilver.

Now to find a good place to hang this on the wall…

A Fateful Encounter…

On a fateful day in 1986, my life was changed forever. I was at the Putt Putt Golf & Games on Morse Rd in Columbus, Ohio, if you are familiar with the area. This wasn’t my first trip to their arcade nor would it be the last. On this day, there was a new game there, Super Mario Bros. Something about the cabinet art just sang the words “Play Me” and I did. I fed this box quarter after quarter. I was hooked. Then in the weeks and months that followed I insisted my parents take me there all the time. This was not only to play Mario, I did play every other game in Putt Putt’s arcade, but no trip was complete without dropping a quarter on Mario.

Eventually, I would come to learn of this amazing device that allowed you to play Super Mario Bros on your home television, the Nintendo Entertainment System. Despite having had an Atari for years, my mind was blown! I saved my allowance for what seemed like forever and then in the Spring of 1987 I bought my own Nintendo. I remember the trip to Toy’s R Us, moreover the trip home and connecting it to the TV for the first time. In this moment everything changed. Before this moment it was conceivable that I could become an athlete or astronaut or something. Not now. Now my path has been diverted to games and computers and technology. No Regrets.