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Some Castlevania Wall Art

It’s been a while since I made the Mega Man Wall art, but I’ve been meaning to make more and I have a few different sets of Nintendo games just begging to be made into art. I had decided to go with Castlevania since before the new Season of the Netflix show came out. Then I busied myself with buying a shadow box, background cloth, and glue. There were a couple failed attempts to assemble this and, of course, some procrastination in between.

For the first attempt, I had a nice shiny piece of gray cloth for the background. However, this cloth was either too thin or Elmer’s glue was the wrong glue for the job, because where the glue touched the fabric it went dark. So, this fabric was scrapped as was the glue. I found some thicker gray fabric and glue sticks for round two. I don’t remember specifically what went wrong here. Pretty sure in Round two I forgot to bring some of the supplies. I don’t own an iron to smooth the cloth before it’s glued down, so I’ve been seeking to work on this with the help of others and particularly use of their iron and ironing board. (Thanks if you’re reading this)

For Round Three I partnered up with a different friend and their iron. This time we bungled the position of the game cartridges. Particularly, the middle game is up a bit from the others. This “mistake” I decided to keep. Simon’s Quest was my favorite of these three games and we still have symmetry.

For those who are unfamiliar, Castlevania is about Dracula. Once every one hundred years his castle, named Castlevania, appears in the Transylvania countryside full of Halloween themed monsters(the Mummy, Frankenstein’s monster, Medusa, the Grim Reaper, etc), ready to unleash evil into the world. However, the Belmont family has made it their work to hunt vampires, and they return time and again to battle Dracula. Simon Belmont is the hero of the first two games, Castlevania and Simon’s Quest. Simon defeats Dracula in Castlevania, but then five years later he discovered that there was a curse left on the country. Simon’s Quest has him gather up relics to resurrect and defeat Dracula once more in such a way to lift the curse. While the Castlevania I and III follow your normal platformer gameplay which you are familiar with if you’ve played most any Mario game, Castlevania II helped pioneer a type of gameplay eventually known as Metroidvania. In this style more of the game is opened by gaining more items that open access to new areas and involves backtracking through other areas sometimes. Then finally, Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse was actually a prequel set 200 years previous. The hero is a great great grandfather of Simon named Trevor Belmont, who is also the first Belmont to defeat Dracula. This game allowed you to switch to one of three companions that traveled with Trevor, Alucard, Sypha, or Grant, each with neat unique abilities like climbing walls or magic. Netflix has released a pretty badass Castlevania series based mostly on this game.