Mega Man made my childhood awesome


MegaMan 2 Stage Select

Mega Man 2 is generally regarded as the best

Mega Man was one of the first video game franchises I fell in love with.  In Mega Man, you are fighting against the evil Dr. Wily who has programmed eight Master Robots to do his bidding. Each robot has some sort of elemental power and a level that is themed the same. Mega Man is a Jack of all Trades and gains the power of the Master Robots he’s defeated. Depending on how you have powered up a levels difficulty can change. There is a Paper-Rock-Scissors strategy of sorts in choosing the order of going against the bosses. Bubble Man’s power is super effective against Heat Man, because water beats fire. Similarly, Heat Man’s is good against Wood Man. Metal Man can throw metal saw blades in any direction and all the way across the screen. This is useful against almost everything. If God played Mega Man, he’d use the metal blade. Some of the correlations are silly or obscure. Flash Man’s power stops time briefly which is effective against Quick Man, because not moving when you’re so quick is painful? Weirder ones emerge further into the series. Once you make your way through the Eight bosses, you then gain access to the final levels which is Dr. Wily’s castle. It’s a legit game formula.

In 1988, open world games weren’t a thing. There was no Skyrim. There were no Massively Multiplayer Online games. Final Fantasy wasn’t yet a  thing. Dragon Warrior might have been out, but hadn’t crossed my path yet. The agency in choosing the order I played through these games was amazing. Playing one of these games for the first time, you may have to try several levels before you find that boss you can beat with your regular weapon. Then later you come back powered up and roll right through a level that had been difficult until you beat the right boss. While these games really belong in their 8-bit glory, part of me would like to see a game like this but with the open world, Skyrim sort of treatment.

Mega Man Shadow box

A few years ago, I took the original six Nintendo cartridges I played Mega Man on, and put together this shadow box which hangs in my living room. I have some of the games loaded to the virtual console of my Nintendo 3DS and play them from time to time. And today, I have added some vinyl figurines to my cubicle at work. Keeping childhood alive.

Mega Man Pop Figures

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